management team

Romeo Phalafala
BSc(Civil), MSc (Eng), MSAICE, PrEng

Romeo Phalafala, a founding member of the company and Managing Director, is a professional civil engineer and has practical experience both locally and internationally. Romeo started his career as a civil engineer at Arcus Gibb, a multi-national infrastructure development firm.

With over 17 years of engineering experience, Romeo has developed a keen interest in infrastructure development on the African continent, particularly with regard to capacity building and skills transfer.

Lazarus Maisera
BEng(Hons) Civil & Water, SAICE, PrTechEng

Lazarus Maisera is a qualified engineer specialising in water and wastewater design. He is a technical director at Calliper.

Over the years he has designed water and wastewater treatment facilities, and water and sewage pipelines as well as irrigation systems. With over 15 years of experience in this field, Lazarus has completed large scale projects for major clients in and outside South Africa within both budget and the set timelines.

Lazarus has a strong interest in the development of emerging contractors and construction using labour intensive methods. He currently heads the water and Municipal Infrastructure division at CALLIPER.


Ntombi Maseko
BCom (Banking), Programme in Total Quality Management, Advance Certificate in Management

Ntombi Maseko, Head of Administration, is a qualified banker and has over 10 years of experience in administration and management systems. Ntombi pioneered the process of ensuring that the company is ISO9001 Quality Management System accredited and she is also responsible for its on-going maintenance and improvements.

With her background, she is also instrumental in engineering procurement and provides a leadership role in this respect.