Project Description

Ekurhuleni roads and stormwater drainage

Planning of roads and stormwater drainage projects and the management of contractor for the construction of various projects in Ekurhuleni

Project description

Calliper was appointed as the project management and engineering professional service provider for various projects in the Northern region of Ekurhuleni Municipality. The projects’ scope entailed upgrading roads and stormwater infrastructure, construction and upgrading of pedestrian bridges, and construction of sidewalks and management of streetlights.

Project objectives

These projects were initiated in partial fulfilment of the Government’s mandate to provide and continuously improve service delivery and the standard living of its citizen. It also aimed to create opportunities for unemployed and unskilled people to enter into active employment and receive training.

Improved conditions included:

  • A pedestrian management system that contributed to increased safety
  • Improved mobility, interconnection and accessibility in residential zones and commercial areas
  • Improved health and waste management system
  • Protection from flood-related damage on downstream properties
  • Improved business opportunities due to better access and mobility
  • Improved access to services offered by new business owners attracted into the project area
  • Increase in clientele that were attracted by the improved quality of infrastructure in the area

Implementation of these projects played a big role in fighting poverty, counteracting South Africa’s high rate of unemployment. Unemployed youths, women and people with disabilities were brought into active employment and had a chance to earn an income. For these people, earning an income resulted in improved living conditions as they were able to provide for their families.

Employment created

All the projects that were implemented fall under the EPWP and as a result 25 local subcontractors and 180 local laboures participated in these projects.

  • Unskilled and unemployed people got an opportunity to gain skills that they can use in future
  • Subcontractors were given an opportunity to contribute to their communities and provide employment as well as gain skills aided them with reference for future jobs
  • Local businesses received an anticipated income during the construction process which boosted their sales


All unskilled and skilled labourers received training under the guidance of Calliper and the project contractors.

Skills training was offered in:

  • Brick laying
  • Kerb laying
  • Steel fixing
  • Concrete works
  • Hand operated machine
  • Hand tools
  • General OHS

Project Details


24 months


Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality


Northern region of Ekurhuleni Municipality

  • Electrical Design and Engineering
  • Civil Design and Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Environmental Management Services
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Geotechnical Engineering

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