Project Description

JRA CAPEX programme management implementation

Implementation of CAPEX programme management

Project description

The CAPEX programme comprised of repairs, rehabilitation, reconstruction, new construction and upgrades of different road infrastructure projects.

The expected output of the programme and main work items to be undertaken in terms of the contract involved:

  • Programme charter
  • Programme implementation and acquisition plan
  • Budget planning and monitoring
  • Communication and stakeholders management plans
  • Governance framework, including policies and SOP reviews and updates
  • Conducting inspections and advice on treatment and methodologies for programmes
  • Administration of the project portfolio office
  • Monthly and weekly reports for all programmes
  • Project handovers and chairing of meetings
  • Major role in progress and technical meetings and input to ensure consistency in all programmes
  • Site support, visits and quality management.


Project objective

The mandate was to ensure planning, construction, maintenance, and management of road infrastructures i.e., roads, bridges, traffic signals (including streetlights), road signage and markings, stormwater systems, and sidewalks within the city of Johannesburg.

Project Details


36 months


Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA)

  • Bulk Services

  • Project Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Asset Management

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