Project Description

KwaZulu-Natal dam safety assessment

KwaZulu-Natal dam safety assessment

Project description

Small and isolated dams have little potential for causing damage, whereas other dams that tower above densely populated regions pose an immense threat to kill thousands if failure occurs. It thus makes sense to design some dams for a higher level of safety than others. As such, Calliper was appointed to assess 46 farm dams in KwaZulu-Natal.

Project objective

A reasonable criterion governing the design requirements for a dam is the risk it poses to lives, property, the environment, and other considerations. This risk depends on the likelihood of dam failure and the likelihood that lives will be lost.

Dam safety risk assessment is dependent on the credible estimates of life loss for hypothetical failure events. This is conducted in order to quantify risk and make decisions with regards to construction, rehabilitation and dam removal.

Project Details


1 month


Highlands Hydrology


KwaZulu Natal

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  • Environmental Management Services
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