Project Description

Rehabilitation of N12 highway

Rehabilitation of N12 highway

Project description

Engineering services for the rehabilitation of Road P3/6 between Gauteng North West borders (KM 57.56) and Road P186/1 (KM 90.78)

Project objective

  • The rehabilitation project was initiated by the necessity to repair the current deteriorating pavement.
  • An unused mine-rail bridge was demolished and the road was widened in order to reduce traffic congestions and accidents.
  • Improve intersections which worsened when heavy vehicles attempted to cross. This was a tremendous safety hazard for these vehicles and the oncoming traffic, which moves at high speeds. The speed limit over these sections was reduced to 60kph.
  • The road was rehabilitated for a design life expectancy of 20 years by structural strengthening of the upper layers, and the construction of new layers.
  • Other objectives were to award black economic enterprise contractors a substantial portion of the work, to provide work and training to local and other labourers, and to execute the work with a high degree of safety.

Employment created

  • 136 unskilled and semi-skilled workers were employed.
  • 15 SMEs were appointed for minor works and were beneficiaries of skills transfer.
  • Two civil engineering students were engaged on this project and were provided with training in both the construction site work and the consulting engineering


CETA-accredited training courses were attended by selected members of the local communities. The training programme included:

Course name
Use and maintenance of basic hand tools on a construction site
Installation of subsoil drains
Installation of guard rails
Precast concrete kerbing
Bitumen pavement repairs (for potholes)
Flagmen and operating robots and stop/go systems
Basic financial life skills
Apply construction contract documentation
Apply health and safety to work areas
HIV awareness
First aid and safety representatives
Demonstrate an understanding of a business

Project Details


27 months and completed in February 2016


Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport


South-west of Johannesburg, between Road P186/1 and the North West Province border on the N12 national route Section 17 to Potchefstroom

  • Bulk Services

  • Structural Engineering
  • Civil Design and Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Environmental Management Services
  • Asset Management
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Geotechnical Engineering

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