Project Description

Rehabilitation of R28 from Sebokeng to Westonaria

Rehabilitation of R28 from Sebokeng to Westonaria

Project description

The project to rehabilitate route P88/1 (R28) was necessitated by the fatigue failure of the existing pavement as it had reached its terminal life.  

The road serves the agricultural and mining activities of the surrounding communities of Sebokeng, City of Joburg and Westonaria.

Project objective

The benefits of this were two-fold; to cater for the various modes of transportation and to enhance road safety, especially given the high volume of trucks using the route.

An additional safety measure was the introduction of climbing lanes to improve overall traffic operations by breaking up traffic platoons and reducing delays caused by inadequate passing opportunities.

Employment created

The project employed an average of 100 local employees each month under the EPWP programme.

Three students from the local community undertaking their studies at the Vaal University of Technology also got an opportunity to do their in-service training during the construction period.

Other social obligations were met in close cooperation with SMMEs from the three affected municipalities of Westonaria, Sedibeng and City of Joburg.


SME work and training consisted of kerb laying training, guardrail installation training, flag-men training, first aid training, block paving installation training, asphalt patching training, gabion construction training, culvert and v-drain construction training. SMEs trained in the mentioned categories were then subcontracted for those specific tasks on the project.

Support was also provided to local employees in the form of driving lessons, obtaing driver’s licences, and HIV and AIDS awareness training.

Project Details


32 months and completed in March 2019


Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport


The Rehabilitation of Road P88/1 between Road P73/1 (KM 10.87) and Road P3/6 (KM 40.11)

  • Bulk Services

  • Civil Design and Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Environmental Management Services
  • Asset Management
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Urban Design and Planning

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